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Hello! I am so excited to meet you!

Listen, we both know meeting a new stylist can be a little scary, so let me help ease the nerves. I am an office supply junkie, a travel fanatic and a Marshalls shopaholic. I love all things wedding and I am obsessed with makeup. I am a visual learner and a perfectionist. I will take my time navigating your first visit with me and all future appoints to ensure you get exactly what you need in a timely manner.

First things first- please fill out my new guest form. Link is below. It will help me collect a little more information about you. We will go into further detail during your consultation. Once you book your appointment, I will be notified. I’ll look at your request and ill reach out personally through email to welcome you to the salon and ask any questions I may have after reviewing your information. Ill also include details about how to find the salon, where to park and what to bring.

Once you arrive, I will walk you through a thorough consultation process. I love inspiration photos so don’t be afraid to bring them. We will discuss your hair history and the maintenance of your desired look. We will develop a plan, not just for your first visit, but a long-term plan to ensure all your goals are met.

During your appointment you can feel free to help yourself to the magazines and coffee the salon offers. When we are finished, I will show you how to create your style at home, get you setup with the perfect products for your needs and pre-book your next appointment. Do not forget the photoshoot!!!

Our salon is cozy, welcoming and full of good vibes. I know you will love it as much as I do!

Xoxo, Brittney

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